Family Retreats

Family Retreats combine the content of a workshop with the intimate setting of a retreat to help individual families discuss their preparedness for the age transitions in their future. Family Retreats bring together the family's advisor team and family members to assess current plans, uncover gaps, and create action plans for the family to implement with the help of their other advisors.

Retreat Venues

I've found that Family Meetings are most effective when everyone can get away from the demands of work and home, so I've chosen to host Family Retreats held at convenient retreat lodgings around the country. The typical schedule is to arrive at the destination late afternoon and enjoy a get acquainted dinner that evening. The next day covers 4-6 sessions before breaking for the day. The 2nd day sessions end by noon.  Click Here for Typical Agenda.


Family Retreat Fee

  • $1995 for up to four family members
  • $  195 per additional family member
  • No charge for advisor team members

Fees for Family Retreats are exclusive of the venue costs. When you request a retreat, we will provide venue options with their package price for the number of family members and advisors you will bring. Advisors may be prohibited from permitting you to pay their costs for compliance reasons. Please discuss this with them.

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