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Know When to Introduce Humor
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A few years ago I hosted a family meeting in my company's office conference room that I knew was going to be quite contentious. The meeting was going to include the children of the deceased father and the step-mother and her two children. All six were inexplicably named as members of a committee that could fire and replace the trustee for a trust created under Dad's will. The children of Dad felt that they had been bamboozled out of their inheritance because prior to Dad's death, the couple had put most of their assets into a limited liability company (LLC) that was to be controlled by Step-Mom but owned by the trust, for which my company served as trustee. It was a perfectly legitimate asset protection strategy, but understandably confusing to Dad's kids who felt that Step-Mom had done something behind their backs.

I thought I'd try to lighten the mood of the meeting by playing this commercial that I had seen several times, thought was funny. Needless to say, it went over like a lead balloon and I learned a valuable lesson that day about when NOT to introduce humor into a serious situation.

I still think the commercial is funny and I'll continue to look for an opportunity to use it. Enjoy!