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What is the Wealth & Honor Academy?

The Wealth & Honor Academy is an online community of families facing age transitions who need information, connection, and guidance. The Academy includes online courses and workshops, a reading room, a community forum, and access to tools that help Academy members get and stay organized.

The Academy is NOT a substitute for having your own team of legal, medical, tax, and financial advisors and does not provide specific advice on these subjects to Academy members.  For individual coaching options, click here.

As an Academy Member you will have access to:

✔ Online group coaching sessions

Lessons on demand

✔ Resource library

✔ Online Forums 

✔ Discounts to Everplans online estate organizer.

Best of all, it's

"What's the catch?" You ask

Well, let's just say that one way to build an online presence and get people to create a buzz about your offering is to give it away. Plus, I'll learn a lot from you on how to make Wealth & Honor an even better resource for families going throuh age transisitons. 

What do you have to lose?

Family Retreat Discount for Academy Members

Holding a family retreat is one of the best ways to get your family in harmony when it comes to planning for the age transitions you or a loved one will face in the future. Wealth & Honor Academy Members receive a $199 discount off the price of a family retreat meeting. For more information on family retreats, click here.



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