Few things sound as bad as being in the hospital alone. Healthcare workers have become surrogate mothers, fathers, friends, and children, in this new-normal of self-sequestered living. To exacerbate matters, hospitals are often in need of critical medical documents such as emergency contacts, healthcare directives, DNR (Do Not Resuscitate) Orders and the like.

To help with the latter problem, the American Bankers Association (ABA) has released its Mind On Your Loved Ones App that allows family members to store this critical information on their smart phone or tablet, and share it with medical professionals and hospitals if they cannot be present.

Having this information in the hands of those we’ve entrusted to carry out our wishes if we’re unable to speak for ourselves is important. Even more so now that we cannot be assured that our loved ones will be at our side if current events prevent it.

Mind Your Loved Ones, known as MYLO, is a mobile app that gives individuals the ability to store their own and their loved one’s critical medical information, health care directives, and other related data on their Apple or Android phones, iPads® or tablets. ABA members can download the app at a discounted price.

Source: MYLO – Mind Your Loved Ones