Free Booklet on Understanding Annuities

Annuities were once simpler financial instruments than they are today. Issued by insurance companies, annuities offered savers a guaranteed interest that compounded tax free until the funds were needed at a later date. Now, they are highly complex financial instruments with a variety of features, interest options, charges, and penalties. Many financial caregivers will discover … Continue reading Free Booklet on Understanding Annuities

Agency Care vs Private Employment

According to research from the AARP[1], a clear majority of people would like to stay in their own home as they age – even if they require day-to-day assistance with activities of daily living. With a rapidly increasing senior population, demand for quality in-home care is beginning to skyrocket. Most at home care has traditionally … Continue reading Agency Care vs Private Employment

Seniors will soon have their own IRS tax form – CBS News

If you are one of the millions of procrastinating filers whose 2018 federal income tax return is due today and you happen to be over 65, you may welcome a new tax form being introduced by the IRS for 2019. The new Form 1040-SR should allow seniors to file taxes without benefit of an accountant.A … Continue reading Seniors will soon have their own IRS tax form – CBS News